In 2019 I got to see a neuropsychologist. She did hours of testing, and when I asked about that at the follow-up session, it was because my brain generally performs in the 90th percentile - except for stroke affected areas such as short-term memory which is below 50%. She gave me some techniques to improve things, and two have made a dramatic difference. The first is brain rest. This started as an hour each day but now is generally half that.

The first time it reminded me of the Jetsons. Their robot housemaid would come in, tidy the bookshelves and generally clean up. When I got up I was able to resume work that had been too hard for me before lunch - the difference was seriously dramatic.

The second key tip was to diversify my life. I'd tackle work things first, and near the end of the working day, I was performing at less than normal. By getting my useful time extended, I was finally able to look at other activities.

Obviously, I hold her in high regard but at a stroke support meeting, I was talking with a lady whose daughter did not get what she regarded as proper support from the same lady. Clearly, we had different experiences with the same doctor.

Another lesson - if you don't "click" with your current doctor, try a new one. That's not always easy, but you might be pleasantly surprised.