It's a bit hard to give tips for Windows 10/11 as major releases change the way it works, but these are things I have found useful.

The first is the open shell menu (formerly called classic shell). I've used this since Windows 7, and although Windows is improving, the classic start menu lets me organise my workspace my way, as in the example below.

Start menu

The second is browser home pages. I have my page set as the default. Not only do I have the same home page (and bookmarks) whichever browser I use, this. like the open shell menu I mentioned above means I seldom have to remember programs or websites I use. With my stroke-damaged memory, this reduces the amount of frustration I face on a regular basis.

browser home page

The third is privacy. I had an article on checking this - but Microsoft keeps changing the rules. The basic thing is to check where and how your data is used. There are quite a few settings not obvious at first glance.

Fourth is what version you use. Most computers come with W10 Home. Differences with Pro are mainly covered by MS, but as usual, they don't mention some features - like more control over the timing of fixes and updates. If you're not happy with the way it works, see if Pro might be worth it.