Sadly not everything we find on the internet is 100% true. There was a furore when Snopes decided to verify election statements - with a team of Democrat supporters. There was a fact-check of Snopes fact-checking, which found even Snopes was not impartial in this case.

A 2022 article points out that while there are many reasons for disinformation, by far the biggest is profit. Anytime you read something new, you should first and foremost check the source. While we may not be able to do much, the article suggests others have cut revenue to "disinformation purveyors" by about half. That's not insignificant.

A 2016 article gives the basics of checking the source.

  • Pay attention to the domain and URL
  • Read the "About Us" section
  • Look at the quotes in a story
  • Look at who said them
  • Check the comments
  • Reverse image search

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