While this could have slotted into humour - it's not a joke and both make serious points, often through humour.

Babylon Bee started in 2015 and is US-based. Its theology is primitive US / Greek – but it can still make me laugh (which probably tells more about my humour). It often picks an easy target, such as woke views(as the phrase became popular in the 2010s).

OTOH John Cleese is well known primarily as a comedian. Despite the roles he plays, he is clearly not stupid. When asked if he would become a Christian (which was not defined) John said there are others who were worthy of placing in the same echelon, reducing Jesus to just another man.

This is a common ploy, used and debunked many times. He was either a deceiver (but then why would others die for Him?), mad or to be taken seriously. The interviewer simply accepted John's answer, either as agreed when John agreed to the interview, or to avoid pointless debate, which wouldn't convince anyone.