I've just read a statement that makes so much sense of "the gospel". Today we often hear words sadly confused. For example, people often talk about evangelism when they mean evangelicalism. So I offer this thought from Tom Wright's "Surprised by Hope".

So let's start with the latter point, and say clearly at once: 'The gospel', in the New Testament, is the good news that God (the world's creator is, at last, becoming king and that Jesus, whom this God raised from the dead, is the world's true Lord. The gospel, or good news, is that God is taking his rightful place back and making things right.

The "church", at least while I was a member of one, had changed the gospel to we're all sinners but fortunately, Jesus died in our place so, if we believe in Him, we get to go to heaven.

What the Bible offers is being part of the kingdom as God is bringing it about, rather than waiting to die and being whisked away to some other place. There is so much more to this good news is the Gospel.