I've been chewing a radio talkback session and I think it's fair to say we're all over it. But that's as far as the agreement goes. Hearing people say they are so over it all in such a voice as though not caring about others - including me - grieves me. I know I'm going to die - twice I have prepared to die but both times I didn't. I'd prefer to live a few more years.

For a couple of years covid-19 has meant we've had a total death toll of over 1000 per year lower than normal. That's over 1000 a year who had more life than they would normally have expected.

I encourage everyone to do some simple things that save lives. If you can't even be bothered with these simple things, picture your name on death warrants for potential contacts.


Easy - Wash your hands thoroughly and often

Easy - Wear masks when inside or in large gatherings - they don't just protect others from you - they also protect you from others

Easy  - Cover coughs and sneezes.

Easy (for most) - Get / keep vaccinated (I know a few cannot safely vaccinate)

Easy (for most) - Stay away as much as possible from poorly ventilated areas

Easy (for most) - Stay 1 m away from others

Inconvenient - Don't leave home when sick (it's not just covid - flu, RSV, etc).


Disclaimer: My wife gave me a kidney in 2014. To keep that kidney is a pleasure - but not easy.  It requires my immune system to be suppressed, so I've had some infections, and take some pills. I have to watch my diet - but we don't know for sure which food is dangerous. By and large, I live a fairly normal life, but obviously, I'm not keen to die early because some people thought their freedoms were more important than my right to carry on living.

Is it too hard to follow the guidelines that used to be such common sense?